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Hello and welcome to website!

Since custom-made Basenji clothing was not available in Lithuania, in 2010 we have decided to start this business. Besides, we are also Basenji holders and the idea also came from our own need to protect our dogs in the cold. On this website our production is presented: dog clothing, caves, bags and other accessories "shop for basenji" . Keep in mind that you may choose the material and other details yourself, which will make your dog not only warm and comfy, but also unique and fashionable!

All the clothing is custom made and manufactured in Lithuania. We work really hard to keep the quality of our products as high as possible. We pay special attention to functionality of the clothing we make, to the materials we use, and to the details we choose. Nevertheless, what we consider most is safety of your dog.


The amount of shipping fee depends on the chosen carrier, weight and size of the package. We guarantee that your order will be ready in 10 days after the payment and all measurements are received + transit time.


To place an order please write to us by email: